Vehicles type we provide

  • Phuket Airport Transfer with Toyota Altis

    Standard Car

    Toyota Corolla Altis or similar: Seats 1-2 passengers + luggage

  • Phuket Airport Transfer with Toyota Innova

    Family Car

    Toyota Innova or similar: Seats 1-4 passengers + luggage

  • Phuket Airport Transfer with Standard Toyota Commuter

    Standard Van

    Toyota Commuter: Seats 1 - 6 passengers + luggage

  • Phuket Airport Transfer with Family Toyota Commuter

    Family Van

    Toyota Commuter: Seats 1 -10 passengers + luggage

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Welcome to Phuket Airport Transfers

Phuket Airport Transfers is providing Phuket airport taxi service to your accommodation, taxi service from place to any part of Phuket or nearby cities such as Khaolak, Krabi, Phang Nga, Koh Samui, etc, private city tour with driver as per your order. To maximize your comfort, we provide private taxi only. Individual or group travelers are welcome. Traveling with us, anything is possible. Please see all main destinations you may visit as follow. For any destination different from choices below, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or call to +66 (0)89 078 6220.

Taxi Price (Thai Baht)  
Standard Car
(Max 2 Pax)
Family Car
(Max 4 Pax)
Standard Van
(Max 6 Pax)
Family Van
(Max 10 Pax)
Phuket TownTHB 700.-THB 830.-THB 1,050.-THB 1,150.-
Patong Beach  THB 699.-THB 850.-THB 1,000.-THB 1,100.-
Karon Beach  THB 830.-THB 930.-THB 1,020.-THB 1,120.-
Kata Beach  THB 850.-THB 950.-THB 1,030.-THB 1,130.-
RawaiTHB 780.-THB 850.-THB 1,050.-THB 1,150.-
Naihan Beach  THB 850.-THB 950.-THB 1,000.-THB 1,100.-
Panwa  THB 850.-THB 950.-THB 1,050.-THB 1,150.-
Kamala BeachTHB 780.-THB 850.-THB 1,100.-THB 1,200.-
Laguna  THB 780.-THB 850.-THB 1,100.-THB 1,200.-
Ao Por / Point YamuTHB 780.-THB 830.-THB 1,100.-THB 1,200.-
Mai Khao Beach  THB 780.-THB 830.-THB 1,000.-THB 1,100.-
Tri Trang Beach PhuketTHB 780.-THB 900.-THB 1,150.-THB 1,200.-
Rassada PierTHB 700.-THB 780.-THB 1,100.-THB 1,200.-
ChalongTHB 750.-THB 880.-THB 1,100.-THB 1,200.-
Royal Phuket MarinaTHB 700.-THB 780.-THB 1,100.-THB 1,200.-
Boat LagoonTHB 700.-THB 780.-THB 1,100.-THB 1,200.-
Bang Rong PierTHB 780.-THB 880.-THB 1,030.-THB 1,050.-
Bangtao BeachTHB 780.-THB 850.-THB 1,100.-THB 1,200.-
Khao LakTHB 1,800.-THB 2,100.-THB 2,100.-THB 2,200.-
Khao SokTHB 3,800.-THB 4,200.-THB 4,500.-THB 4,500.-
Krabi TownTHB 2,700.-THB 2,700.-THB 3,500.-THB 3,500.-
Krabi: Aonang BeachTHB 3,200.-THB 3,200.-THB 3,700.-THB 3,700.-
Krabi: Klong MuangTHB 2,500.-THB 2,900.-THB 3,000.-THB 3,200.-
Krabi: Koh LantaTHB 4,800.-THB 5,500.-THB 5,500.-THB 5,500.-
Laem Hin Pier  THB 700.-THB 900.-THB 1,200.-THB 1,300.-
Layan BeachTHB 650.-THB 1,000.-THB 1,200.-THB 1,300.-
Naiyang Beach, Naithorn BeachTHB 650.-THB 750.-THB 1,100.-THB 1,200.-
Natai BeachTHB 850.-THB 1,000.-THB 1,100.-THB 1,200.-
Phang Nga - KuraburiTHB 2,000.-THB 2,300.-THB 2,500.-THB 2,700.-
Phang Nga TownTHB 1,800.-THB 2,100.-THB 2,100.-THB 2,200.-
RanongTHB 4,800.-THB 5,250.-THB 5,450.-THB 5,600.-
Siray BayTHB 780.-THB 1,000.-THB 1,199.-THB 1,299.-
Surat ThaniTHB 4,800.-THB 5,000.-THB 5,200.-THB 5,300.-
Surat Thani (Donsak Pier)THB 4,800.-THB 5,300.-THB 5,599.-THB 5,699.-
TrangTHB 4,500.-THB 4,999.-THB 5,100.-THB 5,200.-
Surin BeachTHB 830.-THB 900.-THB 1,150.-THB 1,250.-